2nd Annual Clear Lake Shores Cajun Cook Off

Entry Fee

  2nd Annual Cajun Cook off: Categories include:


Team Registration is $100.00 which includes: 1 Gumbo & 1 Drink Contest entry. 

Additional entries $25.00 per category.

Due to limited space max team size 10’ x 10’ space. 

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Team Registration is $100.00 which includes: 1 Gumbo & 1 Drink Contest entry. 

Additional entries $25.00 per category.

Please see below for Categories and General Rules.

Cook Off Categories

 Shrimp or Seafood Gumbo. “Shrimp or Seafood Gumbo” is

  • defined as a Cajun soup containing a cooked roux, thickened with gumbo file,   shrimp, crab, oyster, okra,          etc. seasonings and served over rice or starch of your choice. The only ingredients that may be pre-cooked are the roux and rice. Again, this category is ‘gumbo Only’. Rice is allowed.  

 Gumbo (no seafood) 

  • No seafood ingredients. Chicken & Sausage, Duck, Etc...

Cajun Chef Choice 

  • Anything goes, Cajun/Creole cuisine


2nd Annual Clear Lake Shores Cajun Cook Off Rules & information

 Mardi Gras Drink Contest- 11:30 AM

1st Place $100 Okies Gift Card, Medal and Okies Yard House Drink will be added to menu 

2nd Medal

3rd Medal

Gumbo (no Seafood) 12:00 PM

1st Place Trophy, Apron & Cash Prize

2nd Place- Medal

3rd Place- Medal 

Shrimp or Seafood Gumbo- 1:00 PM

1st Place Trophy, Apron & Cash Prize

2nd Place Medal 

3rd Place Medal

Cajun Chef Choice- 2:00 PM

1st Place-Trophy, Apron, Cajun Cook Off Cutting Board & Cash Prize

2nd Place-Medal 

3rd Place-Medal


Mardi Gras Drink Contest 11:30 AM


• Participants must be at least 21 and must have proper identification available at check in.

Alcohol will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.  

• Any other ingredients may be used including juices, liqueurs and garnish

• A ticket will be assigned to each space for judging purposes.

• Costumes and themes are encouraged but not required.

Fire is not allowed as a special effect during performance.

• Any type of glassware is allowed for final presentation, but no logos or distinguishable markings are  permitted.

• Contest begins promptly at 11:30 AM. No entries will be accepted once the contest begins

• Taste/Presentation Appearance of drink, appropriate glassware for drink prepared, Garnish.

• Contestants are required to make 2 of the same rum punch. 1 for tasting and 1 for presentation.

• Garbage receptacles will be provided, and it is the participant’s responsibility to clean and

dispose of their area after judging has ended.


General Cook Off Rules

1. Teams are asked to have a minimum of 2 assistants in their cooking area during the event and to help serve. 

2. All cooking must be onsite during the day of the event.

3. Limited electricity will be provided, and small outside generators are allowed.

4. This is an outdoor event; teams must provide adequate support for tents & structures in case of high winds.

5. Teams must use and provide their own propane as the means of cooking. Charcoal is not allowed! Propane tanks must be secured to a fixed object with a chain, no bungee cords or ropes will be allowed to secure the propane. Teams must provide fireproof grease shield under all cookers and a 10lbs ABC fire extinguisher with a one-year current inspection.

6. Teams are also responsible for removing all trash from their space at the end of the event. 

*** In case of an emergency, call 911.***

Judging- Category Turn in Times

· 11:30 AM Mardi Gras Drink Contest 

· 12:00 PM Gumbo (No Seafood) 

· 1:00 PM Shrimp or Seafood Gumbo 

· 2:00 PM- Cajun Chef Choice 

Awards 4:15 PM will be present by Palapa Mac Radio.

Public Gumbo Stroll 2:30 PM- 4:00 PM- OPTIONAL

Teams are asked to make 3 gallons of Gumbo (one of the three), but we encourage you to cook more.

From 2:30 PM-4:00 PM the Public Tasting Stroll will take place. This gives the public the chance to taste and sample each teams Gumbo! Teams will be issued a ladle to use when serving the public. Only Cajun Cook Off attendees with the official wristband should be served. 

Teams will be in the Okies Yard House outdoor area.

Set Up

· Saturday February 22nd Set Up begins no earlier than 6:00 AM. 

· Please unload your equipment in a timely manner. Remove vehicles ASAP to allow other teams to set   up.

· Parking Is located behind Okies Yard house. Parking is public and there is no cost to park. 

· Team Showmanship

Each Team Space Receives:

1. Cook off towel

2. Judging containers for registered categories

3. Ladle serve the Public Gumbo Stroll (if participating)

4. Latex gloves

For more information and team registration please contact Mark- Cell: 415-697-5401/ Email: